Dereham Coachways Ltd

 Standard Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all hire of coaches, whether booked verbally or via email.

Breakdowns & Delays

When quotes are given, planned journey times are recommended in good faith. The Company will not accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience due to unforeseen road conditions or breakdowns leading to the journey taking longer than planed or due to events beyond any reasonable control of the Company.

Liability for injury

Seatbelts are provided on the coaches for passenger safety. Should an injury be acquired through passengers not being seated and using seat belts whilst the coach is in motion, the Company will not accept any liability to any injury sustained. We will operate within the maximum seating capacity of the coach with no allowance for standing passengers.

Use of other operator vehicles

Occasionally there is a need to sub contract a booking and we reserve the right to do so.

Drivers hours regulations

All departure times are given when booking and these must be adhered to, to keep within the regulations for driving hours as required by law. Extra cost will be applied if the Hirer delays the journey which jeopardises this.

Passenger conduct

The driver may remove any passenger who is disruptive, for the safety of the other passengers. There is a no alcohol to be consumed or carried on board policy on all our coaches. If there is excessive cleaning needed following the hire of a vehicle then the Hirer will incur extra costs. This Company operates a no smoking policy on all its coaches.

Lost Property

All coaches are checked on return to the yard. Any lost property found is logged and kept in the office for up to 2 months. Any perishables will be disposed of after 24 hours. The Company accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to items left on a coach.

Use of vehicle

Unless specified, the coach may not be available for use by the Hirer when parked up. This is up to the discretion of the driver and Company.



No animals are allowed to travel on the coaches except from assistance dogs with prior knowledge to the Company.

Cancellation by the Company

If there are conditions out of the Companies control and the booking has to be cancelled by the Company, eg: due to weather or strikes, then any money paid by the Hirer will be refunded in full with no other liabilities to the Company.

Limitation of Company’s liability

Except for death or personal injury arising from the Company’s negligence, the Company’s liability in respect of any services under the Hire shall be limited to the amount of the hire charge. The Company shall not be liable for any pecuniary or consequential loss allegedly arising from any breach of the Hire.

Cancellation by the Hirer

If the cancellation is less than 1 month prior to the departure date a cost of 50% of the total hire will be charged to the Hirer. If any pre-booked expenses cannot be retrieved the cost of this will also be charged to the hirer.